About Us

Who is Following Jesus?

Francisco y Yaneth Garcia. Following Jesus Founders.

Following Jesus Inc. is a Christian Ministry, working to reach people for Christ through Christian Content in the Media. In May 2013, we incorporated Following Jesus Inc. in the State of Florida, in the US, as a Non-Profit Organization. However, we began developing content in 1998 in Caracas, Venezuela.

We continue developing our presence in the Internet through eMail, Blogs and the Social Networks, reaching 423,676 people daily by August 15, 2014. Also, we are in the process of expanding the project with a wider Media Portfolio, including Audiovisual Content, Live Events and Mobile Apps.

We are driven by our concern about the Quality of Values and Principles, portrayed in the content available to the general public through the Media. That has been the foundation of our Statement of Purpose, our Mission and our Fundamental Values.

“Following Jesus Inc.” Purpose Statement

We Create and Produce content for the Media, that is Entertaining, Informative and Educational, based on Christian Principles and Values, to reach people for Christ..

“Following Jesus Inc.” Mission

To Reach People For Christ Through Christian Content In The Media.

“Following Jesus Inc.” Fundamental Values

  1. Set life priorities, based on Loving of God, above any other criteria and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

  2. Promote Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness and Kindness, as links of human coexistence.

  3. Determine Obedience, Loyalty and Humility, as the basis of relationship, first with God and with people too.

  4. Teach Self-Control as the governing principle of human behavior.

  5. Show that hope, justice, honesty and integrity, only happen when we live sincerely and without hypocrisy, a life directed by God and His Principles. Preaching with actions rather than words.

The Current “Following Jesus Inc.” Officers are:

President: Francisco J García – Winter Garden, Florida, USA.
I have more than 35 years experience in Management, working for local and multinational companies in Venezuela. My area of expertise is in the areas of Strategic Development, Advertising, Marketing and Media. I am crazy about new technologies and I am personally very involved in the Social Networks. My key strength and greatest experience is to take ideas and concepts, and develop the strategy to transform them into effective communication. I am a follower of Jesus and an active christian since 1997 and during all these years I have Directed Christian Groups, Ministries and Foundations, in person and online. I am currently dedicated full time to manage Following Jesus Inc. I am married with four grown up children and one growing up child.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/franciscogarciaseijas/

Vice President: Yaneth de García – Winter Garden, Florida, USA.
Her heart is centered on serving God, with 28 years of experience opening new works and ministries in different cities of Venezuela. Ordained Minister/Pastor in “Centros de Formación y Liderazgo” Cenfol, where she worked full-time 1984-2000 and later worked part time 2000-2012. She Pastored several churches and Directed different Ministries for Youth, Businessmen and Professional and Married Couples, among others.

Director: Louis Cadpevila – Tampa, Florida, USA.
My life purpose is to inspire and motivate others to reach their God given potentials with love, joy and peace. VP La Teresita since 1972. President The King’s Ministries International 1995-2013. Pastor and Mentor The King’s Church & Christian Center 1983-2005.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/luis-capdevila/37/a2b/852

Advisory Board:

Advisor: Jair Rios Gómez – Caracas, Venezuela.
Venezuela, Latin America and the world for Christ. Changing one life at a time. 40 years serving God, initially in Colombia and the last 30 years in Venezuela. National Director for Venezuela of “Centros de Formación y Liderazgo” since 1984 and National Director for Venezuela of Campus Crusade For Christ, since 1998.

Advisor: Rolando Justiniano Sr. – Miami, Florida, USA.
Providing leadership to people in Latin America since 1987. Latin American Director, Campus Crusade for Christ 1987-2009. President Universidad Iberoamericana de Liderazgo since 2007.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/rolando-justiniano-sr/7/9a6/9