Following Jesus Inc. Monthly Letter

(Non-Profit Organization)

Month: March 2014

Location: Winter Garden, Florida.

Date: April 5, 2014

During March 2014, we achieved a reach of 265.524 people per day, an increase vs February 2014 of almost 20,000 people, representing a growth of 8%. We continued our publishing activity with 20 messages and 79 phrases. We can also report an important advance in the development of our Audio Streaming and though we present delay in this project, God willing we should launch it in the second quarter.

Our Daily Reach of People

March 2014: 265,524

March vs February: + 19,864 ppl. + 8.1%

March vs December: + 61,591 ppl. + 30.2%

(Direct reach: Not counting sharing, re-tweeting, re-sending)

Our Goal is to reach 1,000,000 people daily for Christ by the end of 2014.

Breakdown of Our Daily Reach of People

Pinterest: 218,501

Twitter: 28,712

Facebook: 14,480

Emails: 1,195

LinkedIn: 783

Instagram: 580

Google +: 529

Tumblr: 252

Scribd: 183

Blogger: 149

Our Web Page: 102

SlideShare: 58

YouTube: 0

TOTAL: 265,524

Publishing Activity

Number of Published Messages In March: 20

Average Number of Messages Per Month January/March: 16

Number of Published Phrases In March: 79

Average Number of Phrases Per Month January/March: 85

Desglose del Alcance en Internet de Following Jesus Inc.

Total Pinterest ( 218,501 Followers

Carteleras Propias: 2,073  Followers

Carteleras de Contribución: 216,428  Followers

Total Twitter: 28,712

@siguiendoajesus: 17,469  Followers

@followingjesusi: 6,026  Followers

@garciaseijas: 5,217  Followers

Total Facebook: 14,480 Followers 5,387  Friends 3,975  Likes 3,896  Likes 823  Friends 399  Friends

Total EMail: 1,195 Subscriptions

Mailing List: 23,900 EMails sent to 1,195 people through

Total LinkedIn: 783  Connections

Total Instagram: 580  Followers

Total Google +: 529  FollowersíaSeijas/posts: 513 5 8 3

Total Tumblr: 252 Followers

Total Scribd: 183

Total Blogger: 149 107  Pageviews each day 18  Pageviews each day 24  Pageviews each day

Total Web Page: 102 48  Visitas each day 54 Visitas each day

Total SlideShare: 58

Following Jesus Inc. Next Steps

January/March 2014:

✔Development of The New Web Page. (Done)

✔Development of Following Jesus Mobile App. (Desarrollada/En Prueba)

✔Internet Audio Streaming of “Siguiendo a Jesus en Audio” in Spanish. (En Prueba)

✔Development of  Videos for Streaming. (En Prueba)

April/June 2014:

Mobile App Launch

“Siguiendo a Jesus en Audio” Internet Audio Streaming Service Launch.

Following Jesus Videos Launch

July/September 2014:

First FJ Webinar. Live the day of the Event and available “On Demand” after the event.

October/December 2014:

Begin Development of “Following Jesus” Park.


Begin Development of First TV Series.

Begin Development of First Feature Film.

Everything we publish in the Media, to reach people for Christ, is free. However, what we do, has a cost for us, but we give it for free, because the word of God can not be sold. Jesus said: Give as freely as you have received! Matthew 10:8.

Thanks to donations we have received, we can build up the life of our followers with our Christian messages. Please, support us with a donation to continue our work. Donate according to your possibilities, it doesn’t matter if the donation is small. From 1 dollar up, we are grateful for your support and if it´s a monthly donation even better.

Click in this link to DONATE.

Thank you and may God Bless you abundantly.

“Following Jesus” Purpose Statement

We create and produce content for the Media, based on Christian Principles and Values, making it entertaining, informative and educational.

“Following Jesus” Mission

We Reach People For Christ Through Content In The Media.

“Following Jesus” Fundamental Values

  1. Set life priorities, based on Loving of God, above any other criteria and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

  2. Promote Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness and Kindness, as links of human coexistence.

  3. Determine Obedience, Loyalty and Humility, as the basis of relationship, first with God and with people too.

  4. Teach Self-Control as the governing principle of human behavior.

  5. Show that hope, justice, honesty and integrity, only happen when we live sincerely and without hypocrisy, a life directed by God and His Principles. Preaching with actions rather than words.

Following Jesus Inc. Timeline


March. We can report an important advance in the development of our Audio Streaming and though we present delay in this project, God willing we should launch it in the second quarter.

February. Víctor Castillo developed our first mobile “app”, which is being tested, planning a short term launch.

February. The Advisory Board is established and formed by Mr. Jair Ríos and Mr. Rolando Justiniano. At the moment their time is limited due to their current activities, and they will continue to contribute with their very valuable advice from the  Advisory Board, instead of the Board of Directors.

January. “Following Jesus Inc.” Founders, Yaneth y Francisco Garcia, Began working Full Time in the Project.

January. Louis Capdevila, VP La Teresita, “The King’s Ministries International” President for 18 years and “The King’s Church & Christian Center” Pastor and Mentor for 22 years, joins Following Jesus Inc. as Director.

January. Victor Castillo, Mango Estudios Director, Member of the “National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences GRAMMY, The Gospel Music Association and ANMAC, joins Following Jesus Inc. as Musical and Recording Consultant.

January. IMolko joins Following Jesus Inc., to Develop and Manage our Web Page and Internet Presence. Roberto Matute, Imolko’s CEO, has been supporting our project since 1998, first through HiperCom and later, since 2001, through Imolko. Now, he assumes the development of our Web Page, as the “Hub” of our Web Presence, through eMail, Blogs and The Social Networks.

January. Juan Carlos Cordoba, Cenfol Director for the Central Western Region of Venezuela, joins Following Jesus Inc. to support the fundraising activities through donations and to spread the messages of Following Jesus Inc. in Venezuela, through several Media.

January. The new Web Page produced by Imolko was published.


Following Jesus Inc. is incorporated in the State of Florida, as a nonprofit organization, with its founders, Francisco Garcia and Yaneth Garcia as President and Vice President respectively. In this Incorporation, two Directors joined Following Jesus Inc., Mr. Jair Rios Gomez, Cenfol National Director and Campus Crusade for Christ National Director, in Venezuela, and Mr. Rolando Justiniano Sr., President of the Iberoamerican Leadership University of Campus Crusade for Christ, previously Campus Crusade for Christ Director for Latin America for 22 years.


Start publishing messages in English and Spanish.


Began Google Blogs Publishing.


Began Social Networks Publishing.


Developed our first Web Page.


Began sending messages through SMS.


Began sending messages through eMails with support from the Company HiperCom, and later Imolko.