A Bad Reality

A Bad Reality. The Reality Shows have become a ratings success in TV. These programs seek to recreate real situations in which the participants, who are not professional artists, should make their own decisions on how to react to each situation. The program is often a competition between the participants where the true nature of the character of each participant is revealed. These programs are a success because the public likes to watch the dynamics and tension among the participants and to see how the talent of some helps them to defeat the others. The program appeals to the masses because using the talents to defeat others is part of the human paradigm. However, the question is: Do we get talents from God to defeat others or to help them? It may sound a bit naive, but it is biblical. Jesus taught us: Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you (Matthew 7:12). When you’re in trouble, you want to get help, you don’t want to be defeated. Then, you should do the same. Yes; it sounds naive, but the world would be different, if we followed biblical principles and we used our talents to help others instead of defeating others.

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