What Is Your Value To God?

What Is Your Value To God? Do you feel you’re not worth much? That’s low self-esteem, which was planted in you with what you have told since you were born and that’s why you compare yourself with others. Look at the facts: You are a child of God and we were all created equal, in the image of God. If you compare an elephant with a monkey, for their ability to climb a tree, the elephant is unable. But if you compared them for their ability to knock down the tree, the monkey is unable. The point is that neither of them is unable, they are just different. If that happens with animals, which were created by God, but not in the image of God, how is it with us? God has a purpose for everyone, but our own paradigm lead us to the wrong conclusions. God has accomplished great things with people who seemed insignificant, but who followed what God put in their hearts, were positive, persevered and managed to fulfill God’s plan. You become what you think. If you think you are not unable, it will be that way. But if you believe God created you with a purpose, you will succeed. Seek Jesus, keep a personal relationship with Him and be guided by Him to discover the purpose of your life. Believe in faith, think positive and persevere. This way you will fulfill the plan that the Lord has for you.

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