Nobody Loves Me

Annie Lobert was raised in an abusive family and she turned to boys at school to find some self-worth. After graduation, she moved away from home and she thought money was the answer. The lure of money pulled her into prostitution. She found out that she could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars, selling herself. One day, she was kidnapped by a pimp. He hit her and told her, if you try to leave, I’ll kill you. She could get away from him after five long years, but she came down with cancer, lost all her hair, had chemotherapy and she got addicted to painkillers, and that led into cocaine. Once when she had an overdose and lying there, she knew it was over. That’s when she cried out, Jesus, please save me. I do not know if you are real, but I don’t want to die. The ambulance arrived, and she knew that Jesus heard her prayer. Lobert got better and started reading the Bible. She heard God saying to her, Annie, I want you to go back down to that strip. And I want you to tell the girls that are in slavery that I love them. No matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how deep, how dirty you feel, there is redemption. Lobert founded “Hookers For Jesus” in January 2005 to address the realities of human sex trafficking, sexual violence, and exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry. Lobert concluded her story in just three lines. Little girl lost, thought no one loved her, thought no one wanted her, ran away from her castle. But God met her on that dark road. He said, You can come home now. I am right here and I never left you. Come Home to Jesus.

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